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オンラインピアノレッスン・ My Piano lessons online

この1ヶ月オンラインピアノレッスンに切り替えてから楽しい事苦しい事両方ありました。やっと少し落ち着いて来ました。まず一番神経をすり減らすのはインターネット接続が時々unstableになってfreezeした事。これに対してはwifi中継器ーをもう一つ購入したので殆どこれで解決した様で!It’s been one month since I had changed all my piano lessons to online. At first, it was quite stressful with trials & errors but there have been much blessings as well. The biggest headache was occasionally disrupted WIFI connection which made screen to freeze. This was such a frustration but I bought another adopter and hope this will solve the issue.

良い❤️事( Blessings)

*上級者も初心者も私が何かを言い終わる前に喋っても、弾き終える前に弾き出しても聞こえないので、注意や話を最後まで聞いてから一息置いて弾き始める事、と散々言ったので、対面の時より一応話を終わりまで皆聞いてから始める様になった事(忘れてしまう時もあるね)To students of all the levels, I had reminded them not to speak too quickly for through internet conference software can pick one person’s talk at once. Even most inpatient students can not interrupt when I am talking. Everybody have to wait until one party finishes talking or playing. ( of course these inpatient forgets that time to time!)

*通常のレッスンでは、注意点を私が楽譜に書き込むが、オンラインレッスンでは生徒に自分で書かせる。宿題も自分で記録させるので、返って自分で記録する事によって学習課題への自覚が生まれる。(小学校低学年の生徒さんは書くのが遅い~~笑 一生懸命で可愛い)

Usually I write my remarks in Students’ music or lesson notes books but now, they write down remarks and list of their home works by themselves. This works good for them to remember their assignment with summery of my instructions to remember.(Lower elementary school grade age pupils are quite slow in writings but they are making a wonderful effort! )

*音に関してはPC同士やIpad PC間では細かいことの共通の把握は望めないが、楽譜は共有できるので、注意がいつもより、楽譜に書いてある事を見直す=注意を払って楽譜を読むことに持って行ける。上級者には私は楽譜をスキャンしてフォアスコア経由で楽譜に注意を書き込んでPDFで送る。書きこみすぎて普段無視されている注意を 新鮮に真っ白なスキャンファイルから新たにポイントされて問題点を見直す事ができる?・(と良いな~~)私自身も問題点がまとまって見えてくる=私にとっても、生徒が弾いている曲を学習できる機会となる。

More focus on score reading. Since we can not expect to hear quality of sounds and subtle nuances online but we can share printed score and I can suggest students to read music more carefully. For older students, I scan music , using for score and add comments& instructions and send to them as pdf with annotation.


To conduct all the lessons, I have to have music(score) my students use, plan ahead what to do and summaries what students can do until next lesson, this makes me a better teacher who does more planning , rather than being a playful musician with inspiration & demonstration.

*レッスンはだらだら伸びることはなく、無駄なく効率的に運べる。 With this more speculations and planning, now I lead each lessons more efficiently and I feel good. For example, Now instead of giving the cures at the each site, I observe for more than one week to see what their problems are and try to give them point/ focused solutions. I always feel like I am a piano doctor. 1,Observe.2, think 3. Give them cure


For piano players, where to keep pencils to write in fingering numbers and other instructions in scores have ben always problematic, I have dropped pencils always inside of piano and had to remove heavy piano lid to retrieve them.


Now, since students write down my instructions in their notebook or music by themselves at each online lessons, not Me,,, they also have to have pencils handy, close to them. One of the parents made such a cute homemade writing board 📝wit a pencil & string attached. I am very grateful.


There are other parents and families who are extremely helpful to equip children to have quality lessons. It is rather difficult to find an angle and position to place an iPad or laptop to project upper body of student with hands, arms visible on keyboard. At the first online lesson, after this little boy’s lesson, his Mom introduced her husband and told me that he had held laptop during the entire 30 minutes lesson. What a dedication from family!


There were two brothers who used to come for piano lessons but older one was apparently not opt for music at all and I asked him to stop taking lessons. He was not interested in music much either. However he is good in IT and now, since their parents are both working parents, this older brother every time helps setting up laptop for his younger brother’s piano online lessons. He even shuts the curtains and arrange lighting etc,, to produce the best settings for online lessons for his brother. Very thankful!

*もう1組の姉妹は対面レッスンの様に私が横についていないので、お姉さんが妹ちゃんの理解を助けてくれたり、、The other sisters , now older one helps younger one to understand my instructions since I am not there with them! Very grateful!!


Sometimes, after or before lessons, entire family showed up on screen to say HI, or their pets and favorite toys appear in a short show and tell time with their piano teacher.


I am extremely thankful to those families!


😆Funny things;

*ある一人の注意力が続きにくい生徒さんに、スクリーン越しに注意を払う様に大きな声で名前を呼び続けていたら、使っていないはずの私の I padから SIRIが反応してしまって ”御用件はなんでしょうか?””わかりません”、もう一度、、と繰り返され、苦笑。

To one of student who has rather short attention span, I had to scream her to stop and listen over screen but she did not hear?/ Suddenly SIRI from my IPAD was asking What I wanted,,,and telling me that she( SIRI) did not understand my reply to her ,hahaha

*どのくらいの音量でどのくらいの時差や音量セーブ、そしてどんん風に画像に写るのかetc.の研究の為に友人とスマホを使った場合の画像、10nch Ipadを使った場合、Laptopの3種類それぞれで試す。10inchを三脚につけて上から見上げる角度で映し出したら、見やすいアングルで大変良いのだが、相手がアップで迫ってきたら、結構迫力があって、私は怖くて後ろにのぞけってしまったこと。笑😱

In order to get ideas of how loud or soft my voice would be in other side or time lags and size and clarity of my appearances in screen, I had test session with my university time friend. The I tried to attach my 10 inch iPad on tripod to have it over my head I can look into and talk keeping my head up. My friend suddenly pulled her face too close to camera and ouch, it was scary like a horror movie , I had to back off. When I sent her picture , we both laughed.

*Blue Toothのイヤフォンをつけたままトイレに行ってはいけないこと、などなど、、🎧

We have to be careful to remove blue tooth earphone or head phone before bathroom break.!!!

何よりも対面でないからこそ、できないことばかりに目を向けず、できていて進歩していた事、良い点を見つけ、ただでさえ音が悪いのに、ガミガミのレッスンにならない様に努力する事を通常よりもっとを心がける。Be positive!!

So, there have been inconvenience but also good sides. Flexibility and contrivances,, being positive help.

私がいくら高いマイクを購入したとしても、生徒さんの家にもそれがなければ、音質は変わらないですからより高度の曲を学習されている場合は生徒さん側も、webcam、マイク、三脚が必要ですね。でもそうすることによってオンラインピアノレッスンは可能だと言う事が分かりました。オンラインmusicレッスンの音質の改善についてもっと勉強を続けます。アドバイスをしていただける方がおられましたら、ぜひ教えていただきたいです。🙇‍♂️ , 基本的にはI padかpcが、画面は小さいけれどスマホでも、最低限のオンラインレッスンは可能です。

Even if I bought an expensive mc , if students did not have them as well ,It does not help. In regard to sound quality in online music lessons,. However, I found lessons with good quality is possible if students can prepare a basic web camera, basic microphone and tripod.. まだ勉強中 Still learning and advices are appreciated


So far, all the students are cooperative and I feel blessed!

私も工夫をするのが楽しい。感謝です。 This whole process of learning keeps me busy.Thankful!🙂

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