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ピアノの姿勢/Piano Posture,スパイダーマンの糸/ Spiderwebs


I believe posture is extremely important for piano playing. It has been a long journey to find a comfortable my own posture in which I can be one or at least connected with piano. Also, each person has different body build,, different length of arms, different proportion of arms length, fingers, torso: legs ration. size of head, hands, etc...


Set our intention at "Pit of the stomach? " and keep gravity lower side.


Be connected with Piano from your navel , to center of piano.

という様なあまり具体的ではない? 命令をいつも出していますが、

That's what I often say to my students.


In order to control touches, we always have to have our finger tips touched on the keys.


I tell my students to imagine having either NATTO thread or Spiderman's super elastic but strong spider silk coming out from our fingertips which keep our fingers always connected to piano keys whatever happens.





If we try this, posture changes too.


so, I feel posture is extremely important and how to hold hands affects to posture and also other way around.


So, I place huge importance on postures of my students.

 FABERのPIANO ADVENTUREのMY FIRST ADVENTUREでは一番初めにこの図を使って説明をします。This MIllie's picture from My first piano adventure explains well about how to check posture for piano playing.


This leaves a big impact and clear pictures in children. I think it's useful for adults as well.

多分工学的にどの様な重力がかかってピアノの鍵盤を押さえるのが理想かとか、AIが計算してくれて、テイラーメイドの姿勢の型 などができてくるかもしれませんね、

In future, I am sure AI will calculate kinetic structure of body functions of each person and his/ her ideal posture.


My miss S remembered the " I 'm great " pose and checked her ways and position of sitting. She looks like MILLIE. So sweet!


This scene will stay in me for the rest of my life.


Recently, I feel that time passes so quickly and I can imagine how she will be when she is 16 etc.. She will be amazingly sweet girl and I hope she would still remember the I 'm great pose!!


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