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リズム打ち練習/Rhythmic pattern drills



すぐできる人には楽しいし、不器用な人でも 何度か練習すると、覚えてしまって暗譜して叩いて歌っったり、音楽の基礎づくりに絶好の教材。効果が楽しみです。今までやっていなかった生徒さんには申し訳ないですが、私自身も教師として学びながら、少しでも良い音楽が作れる人を育てて行きたいです。ピアノアドベンチャーではこのパターンを小さい時から取り入れています。さすが!!だから私はこの教材が好きです。それについてはまた!

I knew the importance of SOLFEGE but reality was that there was not enough time to cover them all. I have been trying to incorporate "Solfege" aspects = to sing melodies & phrases from pieces students are working on in my piano lessons but recently,, trying to make my pupils do " Hindemith Rhythmic patterns for both hands exercises." Those who are just born good at rhythms enjoy these drills like games but those who are not so quick also enjoy singing & make rhythmic patterns noises by clapping hands ,,etc,,after practicing the patterns at home and almost memorize.

I found these two line musical activity are great help for piano learners for we need to use two hands and have to read and play two clefs simultaneously.


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