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自分で楽譜に書いてみると見えてくる事もある。 When writing melodies in a score、、、

ほとんどの人が楽譜を読むのが 面倒で好きじゃない。 恐怖に思っている人たちも沢山。 

May people feel uncomfortable to read music. Some have even phobia. Majority of piano learners find reading music cumbersome.

自分で楽譜に書いてみると少しは受け身に与えられているものが自分が書く立場になって見えてくるものがある。When write music, there are different view of seeing musical scores and notation from when we only read.


So many different notation marks and stuff!This finding make pupil re think what the writer(composer) had in his/ her mind with that specific marks.

見落としていた 記号を落とすと、 Palybackしたときに違う音楽が再生される から余計にはっきりわかる。

if we drop some notations / instructions from the original score and play written music through playback, then we notice clearly what we missed and how precise we must follow musical instructions through notation.


The correlation between different Cs; C4( middle C)、C3, C2, C5,,, and where each should be placed in a score can be easily seen with this score writing soft ware using keyboard.

それで 記譜アプリで試させてみる。 So, I let my students try writing score.

楽しかった様でした。 They seemed to have enjoyed it.


Wishing my students will be creative and be able to compose and write their own music in future!!


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