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親子で一緒にピアノを習う事。A mother & a child learning piano together, Lovely to make music together! なんて素敵!


One of my student started to take piano lessons when she was three. She came with her mum but it was rather mum who was keen on learning piano. So, they came together every week but for a while, mostly we had lesson for mum only and the daughter was just listening & playing quietly every week. This mum' decision was not to force her daughter, then, the daughter started to show her interest and we had 40 minutes for the mum and the 20 minutes for the daughter lesson arrangement for a while. After one year, last year, mum performed Andre Gannon's beautiful piece at students concert and the her daughter also played pieces for children. Now, mum has been often so busy not be able to find time to practice, therefore, I picked up some simple pieces for four hands so that they could play together.


In order o play Four hands music, it is required not just technical aspects but also listening with each other and control to adjust in order to be together, making music. So, I picked up two simple pieces.

1,曲目は とてもシンプルな、みんなの知っている SKIP TO MY LOUの連弾版 A very simple version of "Skip to my Lou" by J. Bastin.

2,曲目は My first Piano Adventure Cにあった、ブラームスのハンガリー舞踏曲のシンプル版。

The famous Hungarian Rhapsody by BRHAMS、from my first Piano adventure C.





Today, they played for the first time and it was obvious that the little one had no difficulty at all while mum was not as fast to learn as her daughter. However,, they looked so nice to be able to make music together!! I love teaching them both! Looking forward the next lesson! Hope they would enjoy playing more together, not fight!! hahahay



Mum said she was going to try The Brahms Hungarian dance's main part!! Love this wonderful daughter and mum!


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