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音符読み,楽譜読み=Coding=Musical Note reading-score reading





音楽のスコアだって初めにいくつかの音を 覚えてそれをとっかかりに読んでゆく。

ただ線線線 と間間間の音で、3度づつ飛ばして読める様にしてしまう、コードで覚えるのも近道だ。



私は インパクトのある、アプリが教えられないことをレッスンでは伝えますので。

Often it is the case that beginners have phobia against reading music. It is a very simple coding and nothing to afraid of. I think nobody starts coding construction with many languages from the start. One by one,,,

Understanding musical score is the same.

First, get the step of Line, Space, Line, Space, then, maybe remember few, maybe as chords.

I do elaborate to use fun Note speller work sheets or use a large Musial mat,, etc,, to teach students with inspiration so that information will be combined with inspiration but then, pupils should practice reading( implementation ) then, singing( Integration.)

I strongly recommend pupils and perhaps parents to play Note reading games in APP so that I can focus on mainly more on "inspiration part" during my lesson.

Below are some Apps I found in App Store and Note speller work sheet for fun( beginners)

Noteworks is fun!  Noteworksは楽しい。音大受験ソルフェージュなんてのもありますね。今はすごい時代。ソルフェージュの先生なんて要らないね。Solfeggi teachers are no longer needed.

ABRSMのAural trainerはABRSMの受験する人には必須!かなりマニアックな音感トレーナーというのもあったから、またいつか紹介するつもり、


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