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 Benefits of Hindemith’s ” Elementary training for musicians." ヒンデミットの音楽家の基礎練習の効用と可笑しなYちゃん


I wrote in my previous blog that I started to make my students do this rhythm/ solfege exercise. I found it really good for this exercise help pupils to understand what beats are, why there are strong beats & weak beats, how to make melody flow, what rests do to phrase etc,,

小学校4年生のとても熱心な一人のYちゃんは、初めは全くできなかったけれど、かなり一生懸命、家で練習したそうで、完璧にできるだけでなく、なんと覚えてしまって、レッスンが終わった後もこの、そーみフアそら〜〜 ++ を歌い+リズム打ち!!ママも苦笑い。だって別に素敵なメロデイでもなんでもない練習問題なんですがね〜、、、耳について離れないらしいです。でもそのおかげで他の問題ももっと早くできる様になりましたよ〜〜。がんばれ〜、、

Every students struggles at first but once they understand how to do, they even enjoy the simple clapping hands and singing melody activity. One of my dear student also struggled at first but she practiced a lot at home and hahaha, she memorized task(d) and the melody does not leave from her head. Actually, after lesson finished, she started again to clap and sing the (d) ,, So,,, MI FA SO La,,,, LA Ti La so Mi-- X X! Fa mi SO X X ,,,,So cute!

If you find a child who is singing and clapping (d) in Setagaya, she/ he must be one of my students for I am making all who can handle to do this Hindemith!! HAHAHA,, Keep going, keep getting better musicians!!



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