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BSTとP. Hindemithの音楽家の基礎練習/ Unpacking strict/serious concepts of classical music training

(English after Japanese)

何でも挑戦する 小学校3年生の CHちゃん、





早速お父さんが楽譜を注文してくださって、本日それを持参してレッスンにやって来ました。私も1時間ぐらい時間をとってどんな曲なのか勉強して 簡易版EASY VERSIONの楽譜制作もしておきました。




音は至って少なく、ミドミドミドミドミドミド  ➕時々レ、ソが出て来るのみ。


何と複雑!シンコペーションとタイだらけで、これはまるで ヒンデミットの音楽家の基礎練習と同じではないですか?


歌ってみるとリズムがどうしてこんな風になっているのかはわかるのですが早くて歌えない!笑笑 ウンタタタタータ アタター タンタタタターン、、みたいなアフタクト、タイとシンコペーションの連続、、

お友達は皆この曲を知っていて、リズムを間違えたらわかるの?と聞いたら YES、






Ms. CH, who is a quiet but a determined young lady, has been expressing her willingness to perform in front of audience. Her parents were rather surprised though happily.

She already performed Turkish March at her school then, now, she wants to pull up herself again and wants to perform at her November school concert.

This time, she had some thinking to be more an entertainer to the audience, then thought to play not just a classical piece but also famous pop song.. Her pick; “ DYNAMITE” by BTS.

OOps,, I knew BTS but did have no idea how the song went.

She ordered a sheet music and brought to me today. I also listend to it in YOU TUBE and made it a simple version score for her.

HAHAHAH, it was a funny lesson

OK, The Chord progression was very simple.

She could almost mastered after repeating several times.

However,,, the melody ,, singing part is sooooo complicated, I mean the RYTHME!! If we have to read the rap rhythm (groove??) in classical music notation,, It’s a kind of rap,,pop, right?

Hahaha, in classical music training, we always have rhythme reading & training element with special book., One was “ Paul Hindemith’s basic training for musicians”

Taking a look, Ms.CH and I both laughed to find similarity between Hindemith’s basic training and rhythmic patterns study in BST song learning.

The conclusion is classical music education does not need to be all serious. It can be combined with BTS K pop too. I am happy that we could unpack and prove it. Looking forward to see how Ch will manage this written complicated Rhythmic patterns exercise this week!


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