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Music and racism /音楽と人種差別について

Here me out “ Seven last words of the Unarmed”を聴いて

Officers, 1、why do you have guns out?       Kenneth Chamberlain (66) 2、What were you following me for?      Trayvon Martin (16) 3、Mom, I am going to college?       Amadou Diallo (23) 4、I don’t have a gun. Stop shooting.    Michael Brown (18) 5、You shot me!            Oscar Grant (22) 6、It’s not real.            John Crawford (22) 7、I can’t breathe.         Eric Garner (43)

  James Bennete.II wrote his explanation of this music in his blog( partial qte.)” The set of those last words in foundation for Joel Thompson’s Seven Last Words of Unnamed - a poignant and elegiac work for choir and orchestra. It’s divided into seven distinct movements, named after the last words of one of the above people whose lifeblood was drained from their soul. Each movement takes on its own sonic character, a character , as diverse as the uniqueness found in the aspirations, dreams, nightmares, heartbreaks, and passions contained in the singular humanity of Kenneth, Trayvon and Amadou and Mike and Oscar and John and Eric. ) qte.....

Joel Thompson(b.1988) is an Atlanta composer, pianist, conductor, and educator. His last work , seven Last Words of Unarmed for TTBB chorus, strings, and piano was premiered Nov. 2015 by University of Michigan’s Glee club.

Last Sunday, in our church, our pastor touched various issues from around the globe, including, this G, Floyd protests, in the U.S, Japan/ Korean situation, still existing and affecting COVID 19 pandemic around the world.. We prayed as an international Christian church where people of all the races and nations come and gather to pray for PEACE and LOVE for the world, entire humanity, with no discrimination or elimination ever for all.


My heart was heavy for I am a person who is sensitive to the pain of people around me, as well as of the world. I have been involved in anti human trafficking propaganda group for a long time and I would like to say, what about the voices of those who had perished by AIDS and other illness or violence by human predators, who were victims of human trafficking? Young boys and girls and ,,,,,??

最近、コロナの問題が発生してから、そして今回のジョージフロイト氏の無惨な死とアメリカの歴史の残している問題に心が重かった。人種差別は何故人間の心の中に存在するのだろうか?人種差別、というか、差別一般。以前から、人身売買撲滅運動グループ(Not for sale Japan)に関わっているのだが、差別によって売り飛ばされ、売春宿で働かされ、死んで行った子供達の声はどうするの?臓器売買の犠牲者の声は?

I think the inhumane treatment of Humans by humans are everywhere. This includes War, dropping Atomic bomb, Biochemical warfare and genocide,,everything,, Now, with this wide spread protest against racism, triggered by George Floyd’s death, We, each and everyone of living human should be aware of racism within us/ our societies.( Japan!!! )


And as a tiny person, What I can do? While I was pondering, I got this article and music from my dear friend and this music truly shook me. Also, as in this recording, we can clearly see music can bind us together no matter of what race one belongs to. Music can bring peace , music can console our hurt soul, Music can unite people for same good purposes. そしてこのちっぽけな私は何ができるの?移住連等の記事を見逃さずにニュースを広げる、でも音楽に従事する者としては、何ができるのだろうか?と無力さを感じていた時に友人がこの合唱曲とそれについて書かれた解説の記事を送ってくれた。 魂が揺さぶられる感動。あまりにも時にかなった秀作、音楽による人種差別への抗議。この曲はエレジー、哀歌で七楽章からなる、その一楽章ひとつひとつが 七人のアメリカで警察の暴力によって亡くなった七人の犠牲者の死顎の言葉 をベースにして作曲されている。なんとパワフルな、きっと意識して BLACk AMERICANの指揮者、ソリスト、を起用し、男声合唱団は混合人種メンバーによる。 怒り、悲しみ、やるせなさ、全てが音楽にこもっている。なんと素晴らしいメッセージでしょう!

My piano class have had piano students of over 18 nationalities in the last 10 years. I am aware of their different cultural back grounds, ways of thinking and ideals but I always tried to treat them with Love and I feel very blessed to have taught all of them. If we stop and listen, Music can deliver the truth to us without being explained. My mission is to educate my pupils to have appreciation of this wonderful music; some to express, some to be patrons of music, and all of them to love music and be able to hear the truth in Music.

過去約10年間18カ国以上の国籍の生徒さんを教えてきた。コロナが始まってから、先生、まだ外国人の生徒さん教えていらっしゃるんですか?と尋ねられた親御さんがおられ、ご心配なのは分かるが、それもまた差別であるかな?と感じる。結局全員オンラインレッスンにしたので国籍別のコロナウィルス感染確率は何も影響が無くなったけれど、私にとって日本の方だけをお教えする日本人ピアノ教室は今は考えにくい。どの国の方々にも、愛を持って この素晴らしい音楽を、慈しむ種を蒔き芽を育てたい、と心より願う。この様な素晴らしい音楽を、座して落ち着いて聴きに行く姿勢を持つ大人になる事、できれば音楽作りその物にも参加できる、そして音楽を愛し、擁護する,そして本物の音楽の中にある真実を聴ける大人に成長する様に教育する事、が私にとってのピアノ教室の目標かな?とふと思ったのでした。

One of my students’s parents had asked me whether I was still teaching students of different nationalities amid of this Covid-19 pandemic. Yes,, I am,, Japan can not be standing alone anymore in the world. Closing our country like before MEIJI is a choice?? I don’t think so. I am not an expert in saying this but finding this "music as a powerful message, "was really encouraging for an idealistic Non-essential-worker, a musician/ a music teacher like me.

クラッシック音楽のチカラは、人が立ち止まって耳を済ます時に 人の魂に貫き至ることだと思っている。だから集中して聴く力が必要。そういう大人に育つ手助けをすることが私のMissionだと思った。 まずはコロナが早く収束して、人々が安心してコミュニケーションができる様になります様に! ( Joel Thompson(b.1988) is an Atlanta composer, pianist, conductor, and educator. His last work , seven Last Words of Unarmed for TTBB chorus, strings, and piano was premiered Nov. 2015 by University of Michigan’s Glee club. ) Thank you for this great music!!🎼🌹


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