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Students' concert / ピアノ発表会

Summer is ending(almost. )Japanese school calendar should be different from International schools’ in Japan but due to Covid -19, This year, many Japanese schools are already reopening this week.


All my students are groaning “ I did not have any vacation, did not go anywhere!” Hahaha, Me neither and almost nobody had real summer vacation.

Plus now, I got the news of my beloved one not coming back for Christmas.Devastating!それどころか私の娘はコロナで今年のクリスマスお正月は帰国できないと、、何と言う世の中、、しかし私の個人的なことはさておき、

Putting my private issue aside, My piano class had a wonderful students’ concert this summer. It was quite worrying to have a gathering in the amidst of this pandemic. It was a bet but with utmost precaution, we decided to do this.


Plus all the students had no other plans, while usually they travel during the summer or go to summer camps, this year, they stayed in Japan and had time and energy to practice piano. That was a good time to do concert!!! 


And now, more than 2 weeks has passed and I am truly happy that we did have this concert. Everybody did so well. They had their best at the concert. For some students , this was their first “Fore-spiel."Everybody got nervous and that was completely normal but everybody managed well their nervousness and presented their best at the concert.All of them has made amazing progress!


I am so— proud!! とても誇りに思いました。

Very grateful to the family of my students who gave much support to students.


We do not know what Covid-19 will bring us next, but all my students are feeling more confident and starting to lean musical pieces which are of the next level for next concert. Me too. Looking forward . さあ、これからコロナはどうなるか?ですが、次回の発表会が楽しみで、皆次回のコンサートに向けて一段階上のレヴェルの曲を始めています。コンクールの人達も、、

私自身も、、楽しみです。 Looking forward!


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