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ABRSM practical Piano exam. Grade 8

One of my dear student, Meg had passed ABRSM grade 8 exam with a mark of Distinction. I am very happy and proud of her for she really worked hard for a long time.


I like this ABRASM's styles of learning Music because it is not just hitting right notes of piano pieces with or without some emotion but have to display overall musicianship; being able to sightread, being able to sing melody with good pitch ( to sing one of two voices melody) and identify Cadences, being able to identify styles and period of musical pieces one will hear for the first time at the exam.

Scales , third and sixth apart, whole steps scales , staccato and legato, Harmonic minor and Melodic minor.. arpeggios, in first and second inversion,, this is one big chunk of requirement!

私はこの検定試験のシステムの音楽の学び方がとても良いと思っている。以前にも述べた様にけれど、ただピアノが弾けるのではなく、初見演奏、初見で歌う事、二声のmelodyの片方を聴いて覚えて釣られない様に歌う事、曲を聴いて和声(カデンツの種類)を答える事。曲を聴いてどの時代のどの様な様式の曲で根拠を述べる。などなど、きちんと勉強しなければ答えられない知識とスキルが山ほど要求される。また 音階、アルペジオではスタンダードなものだけでなく、全音階のスケール、3度や、6度離れたスケール、アルペジオの第一第二展開形に、スタカートとレガートなど、練習するだけでも大変な量だ。

Plus as a requirement, grade 5 level of Music theory exam had to be taken and passed before( Now, one can replace theory with musicianship exam too)実技の試験6級以上を受けるには 5級の音楽理論のテストに受かっている事も要求される。(今ではMusician shipという試験でも代用できる。)

In Japan, in my time, piano major students at music schools were not required to learn music theory that much.( I think!) Being able to move fingers and play all the notes was more important than anything. So, being honest, when my student first took music theory exam, I had to redo myself too and I am very grateful to my students who gave me opportunity to review my music theory and music history.


Not only Music theory but such as definition of music, three main components of music; Beat, Rhythms and pitch, What is Music ?

etc,,, I was not able to answer before I resumed teaching and playing piano about 10 years ago. When you teach, you have to be able to explain well and this preparation process deepens my understanding of music for myself as well.


I am grateful to my students who keeps me grow.


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